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Skin Treatments

At Solace Skin and Wellness, we offer numerous dermal therapy treatments for your skin. Concerns like pigmentation, fine lines, pore size and acne can be address effectively in a way that your skin can create real change. Our we have beauty therapists whom are passionate about dermal therapies, we will provide you with the ultimate treatment to keep your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Skin Needling - 1hr - $189

Dermal Stamping - 1hr - $109 ($159 usual)

The Reinforcement Facial - 75min- $159

Solace Hydration Facial - 1hr - $149

Solace Anti Acne Facial - 1hr - $149

Signature Facial - 1hr - $125

Facial Express Treatment - 45min - $85

For more information on these facial please press the 'book now' button to see an in depth protocol of each facial. 

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